Raimonds Cirulis

First Impressions

You will never find anyone vaguely similar to this designer – Raimonds Cirulis. He is not a designer, he is design embodied. His creativity stems from many different disciplines. He handles each with great care and with a grace that allows him to interweave patterns of thought and experience, of philosophical ideas and technological know-how, of the East and the West, of the advances of science and the tribal pureness of indigenous peoples. He is able to unify knowledge of the chemistry of materials, the physics of creation and the ideas of cultures from around the world into a beautifully tangible reality.

Education and inspiration

From a young age Raimonds has been an artist. He has always been intrigued about how to integrate different technologies, materials, engineering ideas and design. Over the years he has studied in Latvia, Germany and Sweden absorbing knowledge that created his path to where he is today. He is now adept and versed in Quantum physics, Chemistry, Biotechnologies and Nuclear Physics. Strange for a designer? Well, inspiration and answers come from different places and Raimonds with his strange and wonderful mix of knowledge from such diverse fields is able to create utterly unique pieces with stunning design creation processes.

Many good ideas to unfold…

Based on a philosophical basis that the purity of design arises from the deepness of nothing, from the oneness of bliss and the void See article “What is design”  Raimonds works as a co-creator, allowing life to unfold into the beauty of true design.

Raimonds is therefore a storehouse for creative expression. He especially values the moment when the mind calms to allow deep thoughts to appear. A new idea arises, becomes independent and forms intuitively into a creative process that starts in the heart of Raimonds, moves to the mind and begins to take form in reality as a material object.


The creation of the [BLACK] series was not done overnight – it took determination, hard work, ‘second attempts’, reflection and open mindedness. To Raimonds his successful designs are the result of his vision, in which designing is the perfect combination of idea, material, functionality and shape.

Raimonds lives and works at his house in the countryside of Latvia. Many experiments on new products unfold in the garden and creativity envelops the place.

This is the first made basalt chair by him, in 2009. It has been standing outdoors all this time under sun, rain and snow… and still it is perfectly OK!