Basalt fence panel


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Black basalt fence panel: Size – 140×180 cm, weight – 3 kg
Custom size and color available for order.
Durability: 40-50 years, depending on the climatic zone



Elevate your indoor and outdoor aesthetics with the versatile Basalt Panel. This high-quality panel, crafted from durable basalt fiber and bio-resin, offers superior resistance to UV, salt, and chlorine, ensuring longevity in diverse environments. Can be cleaned with a high pressure cleaner.

Handcrafted to ensure no two panels are the same, these outdoor screens offer unparalleled design and versatility. Made from durable materials that play with light and shade, they create a stunning visual effect while providing privacy and protection.

Discover the unique elegance and functionality of basalt fence panels, perfect for transforming any outdoor space into a sophisticated haven, while enhancing acoustic properties, making it perfect for gardens, lobbies, and event spaces. Ideal for garden partitions, outdoor showers, and architectural accents, these panels combine aesthetics with practicality. Their robust construction guarantees longevity and minimal maintenance, making them a smart investment for both residential and commercial settings. Elevate your outdoor decor with the artistic charm and resilient design of Raimonds Cirulis.

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