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Raimonds Cirulis

created his  workshop , the only one  in the world where pure original, designer made furniture by using basalt fibers are made, but not only that.

The unique weaving technique used in the creation of CIIRULIS products is extremely demanding and there is currently no technology available that allows for an automated manufacturing of this type of furniture, meaning that each piece is hand made from beginning to end, thus allowing for the emotions of the weaver to become part of the design.

As result, each design is unique, each piece of furniture is different and each lace pattern – irreproducible.

Raimonds Cirulis is the award winning designer of the furniture of basalt furniture. Since childhood Raimonds knew he would become an artist. He was intrigued on how to work with different technologies, materials, engineering and design. Over the years he studied in Latvia, Germany and Sweden and took in all the knowledge he could.

Still collecting as much knowledge as possible Raimonds favorite studies are now quantum physics, chemistry, bio-technologies and quantum  physics. Strange for a designer? Well – inspiration and answers come from different places and help in the design creation. The creation of the design series was not done overnight – it took determination, hard work, “second tries”, reflection and open mindedness.

Raimonds lives and works at his house in small town CESIS in Latvia. Many experiments on new products unfold in his small workshop and creativity envelops the place.

Raimonds Cirulis is the first in the world to use volcanic basalt fibers in creating furniture.

More than 25 years he was working as industrial designer. Have been developing a products to customers from different countries World wide, but mostly his inspiring the manufacturers as he is developing the processes/products of his own.

He have been involved in large and medium scale projects in different countries, mostly in connection with products/processes development. He have been leading the R&D department in “European Plastics Industries”, INC , also leading the working groups of bio-materials based products development.

He is friendly with most of industrial technologies used in different fields.

Raimonds have been working as professor in Seoul International Design Institute 1996-1997 and as free-lance professor in Latvian Academy of Arts, design department for several years.

He is very productive where the question becomes to product development, normally he develop up to 20 products per year, manufactured in different materials and by technologies (glass, ceramics, wood, steel, plastics)

Well, he have been awarded also as Designer Of The Year 2008 in Latvia as well as designer of The Best Product Of The year 2008 in Latvia, and awarded by German Chamber of Commerce & Trade 2008 like Trendsetter of new design wave. Product Of The Year 1st award by Latvian Development Agency 2013. 1st award on International Design Awards Resources in USA 1997, 1st award of European International Design Competition in Hungary, 2018 and many more.

Specialties: Product function and economical aspects analysis, future trends prognoses, technology and manufacturing chain optimization etc., and however the product design itself.

Last 7 years he almost fully spent for quantum physics and chemistry, and have developed new superior additives, able to change different materials properties, such as polymers, silicates and metals, which meet high interest from wide industries Globally.

He tries to use his knowledge by creating new and unconventional products. “I am a searcher, both for form and for materials. Function, form, material are related concepts, the totality of which gives what is called design. Design is a synthesis. It is ideal if technology also gives the feeling of “Human Touch”. I look to waste – what else can you make from it? I’ve made everything from wood shavings to old jeans. You can make almost anything. Design is a mission. A synthesis of Intuition, Knowledge, Inspiration and Skill. Inspiration is everywhere! ” – admits the artist.j


Absolute quality design in all aspects


Design is how designer communicates with society. Form has the energy! It must be maximum harmonic, as to make the World and people, using the articles, a little more harmonic and better.


Our Process


It is endless process, all the time. Without experiments no new designs or methods can be found. Therby most of any incomes from sales goes to research processies. We try to be best!

Idea & Concept

The idea is innovations like materials and methods , implicated in functional and aesthetic design. Ideas and inspirations comes from Creative Matrix, trough meditations and visions, if you have connection with it. NO EGO!

Design & Production​

.We can not provide a containers of the products (yet) , as all products are handmade and unique, with direct participance of designer himself.

Sales & Service​

We can grant the best quality designer hands can do . It must be understood, that Hunan abilities and items making takes time. We can ship World wide.

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