Manu Nest Swing Chair Oval

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Available in 2 weeks, since ordered.

Material: Carbon/basalt fibers
Shape: Oval
Surface coating: Soft touch polyurethane
Pattern: Cross linked.
Max load: 350 kg
Lifetime: min 10 years
Delivery time: 1 week.
Various range of custom sizes: From 170-200cm

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Shipping price can vary depending from the size you choose.

Size Length Width Height Weight
L 170-180 cm 170-180 cm 110-120 cm 16-20kg
XL 180-200cm 105-110 cm 115-125 cm 20-28kg

Manu Nests Swing chair are ideal for outdoor and large interiors: hotels, verandas, gardens, exhibitions, rest rooms.
Made of basalt, known as any kind of radiation absorbers. Made by designer himself, providing thereby pure authentic. Thanks to patent pending technology, CIIRULIS can grant different, custom-made sizes, upon request.

The  furniture is light, but stable, and has the unique basalt lace pattern. Two identical objects are impossible to make, because every piece of furniture is 100% hand made so each is a masterpiece.

By being the father of basalt fibers made furniture, it grants the true origin source item, made by master.

Wikipedia: ” In rare cases, chairs are made out of unusual materials, especially as a form of art or experimentation. Raimonds Cirulis, a Latvian interior designer, created a volcanic hanging chair that is handmade out of volcanic rock”.


In ancient Indian mythology, Manu is the GOD,  Creator of the LIFE. So, MANU series means The Nest of the Life.

Uniqueness lies in two important aspects – basalt absorbs all kinds of harmful rays – ultraviolet, radio, electromagnetic, mobile phone, even the earth gravitational radiation and X-rays, emphasizes the designer. So people are  protected when they are relaxing in basalt furniture from many things which have negative effect on people. Second – basalt is unusually durable material, for example basalt fiber is stronger than a fiberglass. With good reason in  Russia from basalt have been made “undetectable submarines “, it is still widely used in space technology. Therefore designer believes that this furniture will have lifetime for 20 to 50 years. It’s furniture for generations. This furniture not only takes a practical, utilitarian function, but with that comes story of its unique design and mysterious volcanic origin. Every product have it’s personality. The CIIRULIS workshop focuses on three main customer  groups – hotel, leisure center, restaurant owners, people who are able to pay for a unique design, interior design showrooms.

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