Portal Rest Chair


Ready for shipping.
Size: H – 70cm, L – 104cm, W – 95cm
Weight: 12,7 kg
Material: basalt fibers composition, coated with protective, soft Polyurethane

Additionally you can order coffee table and leg rest stool (they are not include in this unit).

Ready for delivery 3 psc.
When ordering more: development in 3-6 days.


Introducing the Portal Chair – a luxurious outdoor sofa that transcends the boundaries of comfort. Experience its enchanting design, where the moment you lay down, the world around you simply fades away. Crafted with meticulous attention to material, form, and function, this patio sofa embodies the pinnacle of design sophistication. Elevate your outdoor living space with the ultimate luxury of the Portal Chair.

Designer Raimonds Cirulis: “When you lay down in it, you will forget the World around you. This is the height of design at its subtlest level. Material, form and function in absolute unity.”

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