Cat nest


Length: 65cm
Width: 46 cm
Height: 68 cm (with handle)
Closing lid with strong neodymium magnets.


Newest most stylish housing for your pet. Cats are extremely sensitive to all types of radiation, and this special composite of basalt, used for space projects by NASA, help to shield from the harmful effects from all kind of radiation. The basalt is coated with a soft touch overlay making it dreamy smooth for optimal comfort. Observe how your cat will relax deeply in their new home. This is how to keep a healthy, happy cat!

Furthermore the DESIGN CATS nest reduces stress for your feline friend in those difficult trips to the vet, in car trips and transport in general. Not only is it the perfect home for your cat in your home – but also the perfect carrier. Home away from home, your cat will not have to adapt to an unknown cage, but will be moved, gently with the security of its own smells and luxurious, living space.

The one-click closing gate allows stress-free handling for the humans too.

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