Bad Boy Coffee Table and Chairs set



Length Width Height Weight
90 cm 90 cm 73 cm 16,5 kg


Length Width Height Weight
87 cm 63 cm 73 cm 6,5 kg

Set has two chairs and one table.
Material: basalt fibers
Surface coating soft touch polyurethane
Life time: min 10 years
Delivery term for single order: 2 weeks

Stackable chairs as well table basement Ideal for outdoor cafe.
This product was developed  by watching young ladies carrying the street café furniture from outdoors to indoor at late evening, in Paris. Hard work! Also stacking of the tables and chairs mostly problematic. And, however, the weight. Basalt made, has light weight, attractive design and durable.


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The coffee table set includes a table and two chairs, it is possible to order additional chairs and tables.
Ideal for outdoor cafes and outdoor gardens or where furniture needs to be moved or removed regularly. The unique design was created by adapting the need of outdoor cafes to stack chairs one inside the other, thus reducing space and facilitating their easy storage. The table is designed so that you can also store some tableware or blankets for cafe visitors. Cafe seats and tables are designed to be as light as possible and easy to move at the same time very durable.

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