Tango chair


Material: carbon fibers based composition
Dimensions: H – 97cm, L – 75cm, W – 75cm
Max load: 130 kg
Weight: 580 – 900 g
Life time: min 20 years
Options: different colors
Stack-able together.

TANGO is a minimalist example from a wider minimalist chair series, developed by the designer Ciirulis.



TANGO is something very especial.
First, there is encoded quantum physics formula, until now not disclosed to the public. My Projection Theory formula, Quantum physics.
Second – if you place into interior this piece of design, all space wraps around it, eats it… everything goes into, trough, TANGO Chair wraps all the interior. Strange effect.
Despite looking there is no way do more ascetic design, it is very ergonomic, indeed.

The TANGO chair is a symbol of minimalism, designed to fully ensure comfortable sitting is not only a visual wonder, it is well designed so that you do not feel like you are sitting on an anorexic horse.
And with its carbon composite construction, it will easily support your weight.

Feel free to ask questions.
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