String chair


Material: carbon fibers based composition
Max load: 160 kg
Product weight: 2-2,5 kg
Product size:  H – 85cm, W – 54cm, L – 85cm
Delivery time for single order: 4 weeks
Options: different colors


The design of this chair is completely unique, created with the optimal material for strength and flexibility. This chair is more like a massage. You can stretch your back out into any position to be held by the chair since the carbon fibers composite is elastic and strong. The composite used is one of the strongest compounds known to humankind! The chair can take a maximum load of 160 kg and yet weighs only 2.5 kg! We pushed the limits of science with this chair, the manufacturing technology is extremely advanced – the cutting edge of chair creation.
Being made from carbon fibers the String Chair is designed for a lifetime of interior or exterior use.
The original design is a standard black, other colors available upon request.

Feel free to ask questions.
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