Kragis chair


Material: painted fiberglass based composite
Weight: 1kg
Dimensions: H – 74cm, L – 64cm, W – 30cm


Slender seats in bright colors. It is a series called «Kragis. The Viking Chair», which interprets ancient Latvian and Nordic design traditions in a contemporary form.

Raimonds Cirulis works with basalt, carbon and glass fibers, which makes it possible to create plastic shapes and very light objects. The chair weights only 1 kg and it is easy to stack them one on top of other. The surface finishing is pleasingly soft and resists scraping. Raimonds declares that «the quality is on the level of Lamborghini». The chairs are brightly colored and their inside can have a different color coating than the outer surface, depending on customer’s wishes. Although the chairs are unusually slim, they are highly comfortable for sitting both side wards and astraddle, of that we can assure.

When asked how the chair earned its name «Viking Chair», Raimonds explains: «Try to jump up from a low chair when you need to defend yourself! It’s a real warriors’ chair! Its Nordic simplicity also plays a role.»

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