Basalt glass Orange


Material: Basalt fibers into glass.
Any colors and glow in the dark effect available.
Design shapes vary.
Height: from 20 to 35 cm, up to 1m or more.
Minimum order: 3 pcs
Delivery time: 2-3 weeks


From the destruction of a volcano we have the creation of masterpieces. The Phoenix that arises out of the flames! It is hard to believe that volcanic rock could be present within this glass artwork but it is true: the fibers of lava basalt is held within these beautiful unique pieces.

The basalt mixed with glass gives unpredictable results making each item a piece unto itself. They are impossible to reproduce even if you so desired. The basalt turns the glass blowing process into real excitement where in just a few seconds until the glass has melted you have to make a decision about the final shape of the design by introducing the basalt fibers to flow within the glass.
This technique that designer Cirulis created is only one all around globe. Others have tried and failed due to the precarious nature of the process – the shrinking rates of glass and basalt are different, but an inventors mind cannot put these questions down until the answer is found: and here it is!

These pieces have been internationally appreciated. The President of the Latvia Government sent these items as diplomatic gifts to twenty major figures around the world and are now in the hands, for example, of the Pope in the Vatican, The Orthodox Pope in Russia and officials of the Her Queen the Majesty’s Palace in Great Britain, and more.

Implementing the basalt fibers into glass is very tricky issue. First, they partially blocks the flow of glass, secondly the melting point of glass and basalt slightly differs, so high stress appears. There is some professional secret HOW to do that. Thereby you never seen something comparable in market!

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